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Welcome to AkzoNobel ColourFutures 2014. Trend and colour forecasting is a vital and inspiring part of our business, enabling AkzoNobel to be one step ahead of customers' needs for years to come.

As the largest colour manufacturer worldwide we keep our fingers on the pulse of emerging social, economic and design trends around the world, as it is often here that we see the first signs of future colour movements.


2004-2014 A Decade of Colour Futures
A Decade of Colour Futures film
2014 Colour Palette

Colour Accuracy Disclaimer

We've made every effort to make the colours on screen as close as possible to the ones you'll use. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match. Photographs and paint swatch colours will vary depending on your screen settings and resolution.

The site is designed to help you get a better idea of colour scheme ideas but you should always test paint before you commit to a large purchase.

Samples of your products can be mixed to any colour of your choice at your local store or you can order FREE colour swatches of your chosen colours.